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Today, so many people are searching for ways to honor their deepest understanding of marriage and family, but are struggling with the words and rituals that blend different traditions or incorporate traditional wedding customs in a new way.

Whether you are looking for a simple ceremony or a more elaborate one, I will work with you to craft a ceremony that is uniquely yours. The words that you will share with each other and with your community are as important as every other decision you will make for your wedding day. The readings, music, rituals and above all the promises you make, will feed your marriage for all the years ahead. A personalized ceremony will be the heart of your wedding –  a moment to reflect on the meaning of love, marriage, family and friends as well as a celebration of your deepest beliefs and hopes for the future.

Our first meeting is where the fun begins. A chance for me to get to know the two of you – your style, your stories, visions for your wedding and, for you to learn about me – my approach, services and process. If, after our time together, you feel that I am the right person to work with, I will give you some homework to help me with the details of your wedding.  I will write an outline and send you a draft for us to discuss. We’ll communicate as much as you would like until the ceremony is just right.

Bill Harley

Each of my ceremonies is crafted after careful listening to your stories, traditions and wishes for the day. I will always follow your lead but am also happy to research and make recommendations for readings, songs and rituals to make your ceremony a beautiful reflection of your values, hopes and dreams – not only for the wedding but for the life you are creating together. I have a deep understanding of ceremony and ritual and am always delighted to learn more. If you are looking to honor different traditions we can weave them together with creativity and care. Or perhaps you want to incorporate a ritual that includes your family and friends or a ceremony that is spiritual but not religious. You will have final approval of every aspect and detail of your ceremony.

If you choose to work with me I will:

∞  Write an original wedding ceremony based on your stories, values and wishes.
∞  Be available for consultation leading up to your wedding.
∞  Provide a ceremony cue sheet for musicians, photographers, wedding planner.
∞  Conduct a rehearsal if needed as scheduling permits.
∞  Work with wedding party and vendors on your wedding day.
∞  Officiate your ceremony with care and presence.
∞  Return your marriage license via certified mail.
∞  Present you with a digital and keepsake print version of your ceremony